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Lifeline 35 December 2015

Consent orders

Previous newsletters have covered consent orders and, in particular, there was coverage in Lifeline No 33. So the following is a brief reminder to readers what a consent order means in relation to chartered accountants. The ACCA does not have a similar order, the result of which is that those cases which would otherwise be disposed of at the ICAEW by way of consent order, are referred directly to the ACCA’s Disciplinary Committee.

Lifeline 36 April 2016

Practising certificates

The main difference between the Disciplinary Committees of the ICAEW and the ACCA is that the former has the power to remove a practising certificate, whereas the latter does not. Accordingly, if the ACCA Disciplinary Committee (DC) finds against a practitioner, it cannot, as part of its sanction, withdraw a practising certificate, even if it is greatly concerned about whether the practitioner should be allowed to continue to practise.